I enjoy food, tea, wine and the culture around them. On these pages, I share with you my discoveries. The blog is divided in 2 sections: Restaurants and Cooking. On each section you find my comments on new experiences. You can find the sections on the top.

A few words about the title. “Parla come mangi” is a popular Italian way of saying. Literally, it means “Speak the way you eat” but it is a common way to say “be simple”, “don’t try to be rhetoric”.

I was sitting at our kitchen table thinking of a good quote to start my blog. I found myself staring at a cross-stitching picture made by my mother, that has been hanging in our kitchen since I have memory. It says: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”– Virginia Woolf. This was the perfect quote – how could have I not thought of it before? I was named after Virginia Woolf myself. Yes, if you are wandering what’s with all this “Virginia” everywhere, I was given this name by my mother who is a great fan of Virginia Woolf’s writings. My mother is also the one I’ve learned how to cook from. When I was a kid, she made two aprons that looked exactly the same – although in much different sizes – so that I could cook with her feeling a grown up already! So I owe her very much, for having helped me discover the stunning world of good food. Grazie mamma!

On this “About” section I also want to thank WJT for having being of great help with the blog in its early days!

Please feel free to contact me for any queries or suggestions. I will be more than glad to receive your emails at virginia.ottolina@da-vienna.at





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  1. mah…sei sempre uguale!!!!!

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