It’s soup weather!

Winter is giving us his coldest days, sugarcoating the whole city with snow, so I have slowly fallen into hibernation, a wonderful state which requires two main ingredients to be fully enjoyed, alone as well as with good company: a thick blanket and comfort food!

I would like to welcome you into my hibernation cave and share with you a few recipes that you can easily make at home to stay warm until spring comes…

Leek soup
5/6 leeks
4 potatoes
Stock, salt, pepper
3 water glasses
1/2 liter of milk

Cut the leeks in small pieces, place them in a large pot and let them sauté with butter. Add the potatoes in cubes, stock, salt and pepper. When the leek starts to get brown, add 3 glasses of water and let boil with the lid on a low heat for 45 minutes. After this time, check if the potatoes are cooked by piercing them with a fork and mix with an immersion blender.
On the side, boil some milk with parsley and pour in the other pot. Add the cheese and bring again to a boil for a few minutes.
Serve hot with crostini and/or with pepper and oil!


Potato and lentil soup
4 potatoes
3 onions
Stock, salt, pepper
3 water glasses
1/2 liter of milk
200 gr lentils
Finely cut the onions and let them sauté with a bit of butter or seed oil (depending on whether you want to make a lighter or richer version). Once they are brown, add the potatoes that you previously peeled and cut in cubes. Add 3 water glasses and let cook for 45 minutes on a low heat with the lid on. On the side, place the lentils in a small pot, cover them with water and let them cook with 2 cloves of garlic and some rosemary. Cooking time may vary depending on the quality of the lentils, average time is around 30 minutes, try a few to check if they are ready. Don’t overcook them, or they will change consistency and become a puree easily. Check if the potatoes are cooked and mix with the immersion blender. Pour in the milk that you previously boiled on the side and add the lentils.

Enjoy it warm!img_3859

You can experiment with any kind of seasonal vegetable that you can find in your local store. These are two of my favorite ones,  both very simple, I like to cook them at the end of a cold day to warm up and feel cozy. You can always make different versions: richer by using butter, milk and cream or healthier by using coconut oil, coconut milk or almond milk.

In any case, I hope this will serve as an inspiration for you to warm up your body and soul on this soup weather day!

VOHimage1PS: this is the view from my hibernation cave-kitchen today!


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