Guess who’s back!

It’s been a looong time since the last post, definitely too long! Last time I wrote I had just started the greatest adventure of my life, I had been in Vienna for a few weeks, I used to share a dorm kitchen with 30+ other students. Today, almost three years later, I have settled down in Vienna and I share a bright and spacious kitchen with one other special person, my husband J. Quite a few things have changed. So I decided to take my blog back in my hands and to remodel it a little to reflect how I have changed.

I will give a seasonal twist to my posts and focus on the art of receiving at home, which is what I love to do most. I enjoy opening my home to our friends to share pieces of our lives over home made food and a glass of wine. In the debate about the role of women in modern society and the challenges in having a career and running a household, without forgetting important deadlines or a burning a cake in the oven, I am on the side of those who say that “we can make it all”. I work full time but I also really love inviting friends over for dinner during the week. How do I keep it all together? After leaving the office, my husband and I meet at home, we take off our jackets, put on our aprons, and in 120 minutes…buon appetito, dinner is served! Yes, you read it well: in a couple of hours, we can manage to pull together an entire dinner, from starter, to primo, secondo, contorno et dessert. What is our secret?

In the next posts I will share with you some of the 120-minutes menus most loved by our guests. For now, there is one secret that I would like to reveal, which is the main ingredient of our dinner parties: teamwork in the kitchen!




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