Brass Monkey – Vienna

So…I finally arrived in Vienna and here I am, writing my first post from here! The blog just turned one year, so it is kind of symbolic to start the second year of the blog from the new city I’m living in. I have already written about a Viennese gem, the Cafe Ansari, as a preview of what will be coming on the blog from now on.

Today I visited Brass Monkey with my friends MK and KK. This small bakery is run by a super sweet Greek girl and is furnished with style: stools are cages containing plants, light bulbs are hanging from the ceiling creating a fun effects with their black cables drawing lines around the space and the counter is decorated with cute tiles.

IMG_6169 IMG_6170 IMG_6171

1231572_10151888443325991_138437002_n We had different cupcakes, they have a very wide choice of flavours and toppings. More and more we find cupcakes in cafes as they are quite fashionable nowadays; however, this bakery has probably the best ones I’ve ever tried. The icing is not butter cream, as you would most commonly find, but it is made with cream cheese. This little secret makes the icing softer, richer, less heavy and more intense in taste.

IMG_6172 IMG_6173

988283_10151888443635991_157265131_n IMG_6174On our way home we had some warm apple crumble with whipped cream: the spices added to the crumble made it very special!IMG_6176I say this was definitely a good Sunday treat: sweets, friends and laughs!
Try their cupcakes if you’re in Vienna (and if not, come visit!)

Brass Monkey
Gumpendorferstraße 71

U4 Pilgramgasse


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