Round zucchini filled with risotto

My dear readers, I am so sorry about the very long silence! In the past month I have been busy studying and I recently graduated, so I hope this is a valid excuse for having neglected my blog. I am now spending some at the seaside, enjoying the summer, relaxing…and of course cooking!

Tonight I have prepared a classic recipe, risotto, served in a more original manner. Also the risotto was not the classic risotto made with rice, I used three cereals instead: a mixture of rice, barley and spelt. It is more healthy and a bit more interesting than the usual recipe of classic risotto. Also, I have not used Parmesan at the end for the “mantecatura”, but soft sweet red pecorino from Pienza, Tuscany.

INGREDIENTS (makes 2 servings)
– 2 round zucchini
– 1 normal zucchini
– 2 shallots
– 200 gr mix of rice, barley, spelt
– stock
– 80 gr cheese

– Cut the top of the round zucchini and carve out the inside of the vegetable. Boil the zucchini and the tops in hot water for about 10 minutes. Try the vegetables with a fork to chek if they are ready: the fork should go inside it without going all the way through.
– Dice the normal zucchini in small cubes and mix it with the inside of the round zucchini and keep them on a side.
– Dice the shallots in tiny pieces and cook them for a couple of minutes with oil in a big and deep pot. Add the mixture of cereals and add stock slowly. Cook for 7 minutes, adding stock as the risotto absorbs it. Add the zucchini and cook for 7 more minutes, always adding stock when needed. Remember to always try the risotto as it might need a bit more or a bit less time depending on the cereals. Here comes the moment when the cook in you will show special skills!
– Turn off the heat and let the cheese melt in the pot putting a lit and leaving it to “mantecare” for about 5 minutes.
– Fill the zucchini with the risotto and cook it in the oven at 160 degrees for 10 minutes.




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