La Fiaschetteria – U Fundu (Sestri Levante, Italy)

I visited La Fiaschetteria last January, just after New Year’s Eve, with WJT and our dear friends PL and EK who came to Italy for a trip during the Christmas holidays. We had a splendid night. I warmly recommend you to try this restaurant if you are around in the region of Liguria, it’s a real must of the area!


La Fiaschetteria is a little gem of the Ligurian riviera. This “osteria con cucina”  (pub and kitchen)  owned by Nicola Tealdi faces U Fundu, a wine bar owned by his brother Oscar Tealdi. Their passion for good food and wine is reflected in the fantastic way they welcome their guests. The menu changes continuously, to better respect the season of the raw materials. Mauro Bassi, the chef, selects local products and creates dishes depending on what is available on the market on that specific day and season. Some dishes, though, are classic and you can find them on the menu pretty much all year. One of them is the testaieu (testaroli) with pesto: a sort of a crêpe, typical from the area of Liguria and Tuscany. They are traditionally served with pesto, the classic sauce from Liguria. We also had farinata, a sort of thin, unleavened pancake or crêpe of chickpea flour originally from Genoa and later a typical food of the broader Ligurian/Tuscan sea coast. With these antipasti we had some Pigato wine, one of the most famous Ligurian wines.


As antipasto we also had a classic ham, salame and cured meat board.


Shrimps, lentils and spelt soup. The shrimps were a perfect match for such a rustic soup, bringing the richness and fat needed.


Ravioli filled with sea bass in oyster sauce. Quite an original combination of ingredients but very interesting!


Risotto with pecorino di fossa cheese and nuts. Pecorino di fossa cheese typically from Sogliano al Rubicone in the area of Emilia-Romagna. Its name, which literally means “cheese of the pit”, comes from the process of ripening the cheese in special underground pits.  In 2009 it was granted Denominazione di Origine Protetta status, the Italian equivalent of protected designation of origin. This fat cheese gave the risotto an unusual sweet and pungent taste. As funny as it might seem, the wine we had with this dish was named Pecorino: it goes without saying that the match was excellent since the vines are growing in the same areas where the cheese was – and still is – produced.


Pumpkin flan with gorgonzola cheese. This was probably my favorite dish! The sweetness of the pumpkin was very well balanced by the strong pungent cheese. This dish also had the best wine match: Cannonau from Sardinia.IMG_1723

Fillet of sea bass in potato crust. This is another classic dish of the restaurant and of Liguria in general. The potato cut extremely thin, once cooked, were very crunchy and make a good contrast with the fish that remained soft inside the crust.



To finish up we had a semifreddo with Gran Marnier and fresh strawberry sauce as well as a white chocolate mousse and a traditional pear cake with zabaione. They make all of their desserts them self and you cannot go wrong with any of them!IMG_1728



We ended the night at the U Fundu, where we had a tasting of amari that Oscar suggested us. Also all the wines we had throughout the dinner were purposed by him, specifically thinking of pairing each of the dishes and helping us finding some perfect matches with the food. The teamwork between Nicola and Oscar created the conditions for a remarkable gastronomic experience!


La Fiaschetteria

Via Nazionale, 103

16039 Sestri Levante, Genova

340 238 9058

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