Countdown to Christmas à la Rudolfina (Part 4)

This is the last week before Christmas!

On Monday, whilst my mother was organising her first Christmas dinner, I enjoyed some nuts and raisins covered with dark chocolate.

Tuesday has been a baking day! The chocolates I found were two pralines made with dark chocolate, covered with dark chocolate powder.

Wednesday I found another caramel praline – there were many of those in the calendar.

Thursday I had a chocolate with a distinctive bergamot flavour released in waves by Earl Grey Tea tea.

On Friday I found a coriander praline: hazelnut with a citrus hint from crushed coriander seeds, which gave crunchiness to the chocolate. I hid the chocolate in my dad’s Christmas village -from this  link you can see the video of the whole village!

Saturday I had a “House Praline”: low in sugar but high in hazelnuts, this praline is not fully refined, made in the old fashioned way.



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