Countdown to Christmas à la Rudolfina (Part 3)

So here is finally the third week of my advent calendar. I left you with a picture from London and here I start again from WJT’s apartment, decorated for Christmas. On Monday I found this praline filled with gingerly caramel – with an after taste of lemon, this praline was extraordinary. IMG_0929

On Tuesday, I found a  South Sea gold pearl. This praline is inspired by natural wonders, with dark and milk ganaches covered with a thin layer of white chocolate and pearlescent gold colours.


On Wednesday, I had another caramel praline. I ate in on the plane – quite exciting to have this treat on my usual Gatwick-Linate  flight!


On Thursday I was back in Milan, with peonies that I received from WJT – out of season, but always pretty and with a lovely perfume. The chocolate was a Marc de Champagne truffles: intensely alcoholic from distilled Champagne grapes.



On Friday I had nuts covered with dark chocolate powder.


This definitely was a lucky week! On Saturday I found another  pearl: a Thaiti pearl. To craft these dark pearls, they tamed the darkest chocolate with a smooth hazelnut praline.


And here is finally the biggest box of the whole calendar! This was what I found on Sunday and that you have already seen in my last post. It had two big Brazil nuts covered with dark chocolate: they were extremely rich and creamy. On that day we also lightened the third candle, there’s only one more to go until Christmas!




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