Countdown to Christmas à la Rudolfina (Part 2)

There’s only one thing to wake up to better than chocolate: glittering chocolate! I started off the week with a praline covered in silver. The filling was nutty and rich.


Tuesday instead was a crunchy morning! The shape of the chocolate resembled a flying saucer, flat and round. The back of the saucer was made with crunchy cereals.



Wednesday I had another praline, this time filled with caramel!


Thursday was definitely the winner of the week: a green praline. It was soft, without a crunchy shell like the one most of them have. The color revealed the taste: pistachio! The strong taste of pistachio had nothing short of fresh pistachios.


To continue with more pralines, on Friday I found a very classic one, with hard darck chocolate shell and liquid salt caramel filling.


Saturday two little salty pistachios came back for a visit, coated with dark chocolate!


Rudolfina and I arrived in London on Saturday afternoon, so from here on the chocolate will be eaten (and taken picture to) from WJT´s apartment in England. Sunday I had a rum filled praline.


More chocolate will follow next week!


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