Cafè Trussardi alla Scala (Milan, Italy)

After having been completely enchanted by the “big brother” of the Trussardis, I decided to call on the “little brother” as well, accompanied by my own little brother. The café is situated on the other side of the building than the shop, consequently being in a much less congested street. This relative tranquillity makes the glass veranda particularly enjoyable. The dining room, consisting of a glass cube with plants hanging from the ceiling, is especially charming . Was it not for the businessmen that dominate the café at lunch break, one would not even think one is in Milan, but rather in an elegant jungle of sorts.

I have read many reviews of their hamburger, which is claimed to be the best in Milan. We decided to find out ourselves. My brother being the greatest fan of hamburger I know, made the choice even easier.

I was afraid that an hamburger for lunch would be too big and heavy – but I was happily surprised to find it the perfect size for the occasion.

The bread of the hamburger was crispy on the outside and luscious, soft and airy on the inside. The bun was classically covered with sesame seeds. But unlike normal buns, this one had seeds all over the surface, so more than a mere decoration, they added a special nuance to the bread.

You can choose the degree the meat is cooked. I am a medium/rare girl! The meat was very soft, melting in together with the other ingredients: salad, cheese and a special sauce, the recipe of which is their special secret that makes the hamburger extra tasty.

As a side dish, we had paprika chips – very thin and light. Freshly fried, yet not too oily or fatty. A much more interesting side dish than french fries.

Cafè Trussardi is a real treat. A must for all hamburger lovers like my brother!


24€ Hamburger and paprika potatoes chips

Café Trussardi
Piazza della Scala, 5, Milan
02 8068 8201


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