Happy picnic

I want to start the cooking section of the blog with a picnic that WJT and I did yesterday for lunch, on one of the last summery days in Milan.

I prepared a couple of very quick and simple recipes that I share here with you.

The first is a savory pie.


– Pie crust dough (you can find it in any supermarket)

– 4 courgettes

– 200 g soft cheese (I used crescenza, but you can use also ricotta, if you like a sweeter version of it)

– 70 g diced bacon

– 1 egg

– pine nuts


– Slice the courgettes. Put some oil and garlic in a pan and let it fry for a few minutes. Add the courgettes and salt. Let it cook on a low flame for about 30 minutes with a lid (the first 5 minutes without the lid). Stir often.

– Fry the diced bacon in a pan for 2-3 minutes

– Put the pastry on a baking pan, make some tiny holes with a fork and warm up the oven to 180°C

– Mix all the ingredients and put them on the pastry

– Decorate the pie with the pastry left

– Cook in the oven for 30-45 minutes

We also had some sandwiches:


–  Sliced bread

– Bacon

– Turkey or chicken

– Tomatoes

– Salad

– Cheese (I used auricchio piccante, but you can choose depending on your own taste)

– Mayonnaise


– Cook the meat in a pan with spices: curry, thyme and pepper. Let the meat cook (the time depends on the size of the meat, it can go from 10 to 45 minutes). Add water if needed.

– Fry the slices of bacon for 3 minutes

– Marinate the tomatoes and the salad in oil and salt

– On toasted bread put mayonnaise, tomatoes, salad, meat, bacon, cheese

Voilà! As easy (and yummy) as that!

We also had some green olives, filled with tuna and anchovy.

It’s been a very relaxing Saturday, as I managed to cook everything in very little time and enjoy the rest of the day eating and relaxing at the park! I wish you too a happy picnic (take advantage of the last warm days of the year)!



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